Furniture Restoration Services

Carleton Custom Upholstery can give new life to your cherished existing furniture

Carleton Custom Upholstery offers complete Furniture Restorations. This includes furniture of all ages, both antique and modern. We carefully choose procedures, products and repair techniques that will maintain or increase the value of your furniture, always with consideration and Respect for the original craftsmanships.

Our skilled craftsmen can repair or restore classic, traditional, and contemporary furniture pieces using methods that ensure superior quality.

Full Reupholster

the team at Carleton can help with furniture restoration

We can reupholster valuable antique chairs, including rebuilding of internal upholstery fillings and fibres.

At Carleton Custom Upholstery we have years of experience in re-upholstering antique chairs and that special family item that's been past down for generations. We undertake a full inspection before we re-upholster your item with a new fabric or leather.

Timber & Frame Repairs

timber frame repairs for sofa lounges and dining chairs

Repairing timber components of furniture requires skilled and trained craftsmen to ensure a complete match

Repairing internal and external timer frames is a delicate process. Firstly we have to carefully inspect the integrity of the frame before crafting and staining to match the parts that need to be replaced.

Complete Restoration

we have over 40 years of furniture restoration in perth

Scratched, watermarked or discoloured furniture, tired, sagging sofas and chairs, we can restore them to new

Over time furniture becomes damaged, we spill liquid on our seats, scratch the frames by accident and of course kids love to jump on couches. All of these compounded over the years does have a negative effect on your furniture. We can restore your tired and old furniture back to new.

General Repairs

Carleton can also assit with general furniture repairs in perth

When your old sofas and chairs start to become saggy and uncomfortable we can help with restoration.

When accidents happen the team at Carleton Custom Upholstery are here to help. Just because your furniture is scratched or damaged it doesn’t mean that it’s time for a replacement. Most of the time furniture repairs can be much cheaper than purchasing a newer version.